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The Company



APS specialise in the fabrication of piping (onshore, off-shore, sub-sea), pressure vessels, structural steel and plate work in nickel alloys, stainless steel and carbon steel. The company is accredited to ISO 9001:2008 and provides fully qualified in-house inspection and hydrostatic testing, as well as full QC and material/welding traceability including Manufacturer's Data Reports. Drawing from over 35 years of international experience, APS is servicing oil & gas, mining, power-generation and petro-chemical industries.

Plant and Equipment

Alloy & Pipe Specialists' office facilities are equipped with the latest office technology and boardroom facility. The workshop has a 10t overhead crane, which enables us to cater for the needs of major clients in the oil & gas and mining industries. Further equipment available are modern sub-arc capabilities, latest digital STT machines, high frequency TIG welding machines, flux-core machines capable of STT, TIG and STICK, rotators and positioners for pressure vessels and pipe spooling, plasma cutter, bandsaw and pedestal drill.



Established in November 2000 and starting from a small workshop in Naval Base Alloy & Pipe Specialists are now operating from premises in Kwinana Beach. In the current market APS recognise the need to provide high quality work, whilst also being committed to a safe and healthy work environment. Quality, safety and environmental procedures are reviewed on a regular basis.


Alloy & Pipe Specialists are accredited to ISO AS/NZS 9001:2008. The company has procedures qualified to AS2885.2, ASME IX, AS1210/AS3992, AZ/NZS 1665 Cat B and AS1554.1 and is qualified to build Class 1 pressure vessels. All welders have successfully completed the G48A pitting corrosion tests and metallic assessment grain boundary precipitates (ferrite test) on Super Duplex (Zeron 100 and SAF 2507) and Duplex (SAF2205).


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